A colourful, creative community.
MDC is an inclusive community of newcomers who come together to learn, enhance and apply their creative skills to provide original and effective graphic design solutions.

How we became a designer

We are mainly from a conflict region in the middle east and took a dangerous trip to Germany.


We have struggled to connect our previous experiences and the real world, trying to make it in Berlin.

Now using our creative skills to create original design.


Professional Integration to be designers

Step 1
Learning Community

​Open-door and free design courses in graphic and UI/UX for newcomers in Berlin.

Partner with like-minded organizations to find migrants interested in the design world and provide a safe, supportive and positive environment to explore design.

Supported by ReDI School
Step 2
Launchpad (Apprenticeship)

A select cohort of students from our Learning Community work on real-world client projects to build a design portfolio.

With in-depth guidance and mentoring from our advisors and teachers, our students not only gain practical design knowledge but also skills necessary to thrive as a professional designer.

Scope of MDC

Step 3
Career in Design

Equipped with knowledge of design and communication skills, our students are ready for full-time design positions at our partner client companies.

Partner Client Company

Why MDC?

Professional Integration supported by a community

Bring untapped design talents from migrants and newcomers. Migrant designers are trained in free design education programs.

Professional designers mentor their projects and network with clients who understand their value and needs.

Diverse Design Empathy

For our clients, we offer a unique design perspective equipped with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Our design skills combined with our intercultural empathy and inclusive communication skills are unique.

They are building blocks on the design approach and solutions.


MDC Services


Logo & Identity Brand Design

noun_UI and Interaction

UI Design for Websites

noun_Social Media_1503371.png

Social Media



Migrant Design Collective's


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Partner @ Sidecar Collective

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Global Product Marketing

Manager @ Cisco

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UX Designer @ Cornelsen

Verlag GmbH

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CEO @ ReDI School of

Digital Integration

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UX Designer @ Norwegian
Refugee Concil

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Director @ Good Point


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